If elected, will jail Hillary over email case: Trump

hillary-clinton-and-donald-trump.jpgRepublican nominee Donald Trump on Monday vowed to launch a special investigation against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server as Secretary of State, if elected as the US President and ensure she is jailed.

“We are going to get a special prosecutor and we are going to look into it, because you know what? People… Their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you have done. And it’s a disgrace. And honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Trump said as held a feisty exchange of words with Democratic rival during their second presidential debate at St Louis.

Clinton, 68, accused Trump of lying. “Because everything he just said is absolutely false, but I’m not surprised,” she said. “Oh, really?” Trump remarked.

“It is just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country,” Clinton said. “Because you’d be in jail,” Trump said in another interruption.

“If you did that in the private sector, you’d be put in jail, let alone after getting a subpoena from the United States Congress,” Trump said.

He demanded that Clinton apologize for deleting 33,000 e-mails. “I think the one that you should really be apologizing for and the thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted and acid washed and then the two boxes of e-mails and other things last week that were taken from an office and are now missing,” he said.

“I did not think I would say this, but I am going to say it. And I hate to say it but if I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it and we are going to have a special prosecutor,” Trump said.

People in this country get furious, the 70-year-old real estate tycoon said, adding, “In my opinion, the people that have been long-term workers at the FBI are furious. There has never been anything like this, where e-mails… read full story


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