Pakistani airline stops passengers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has stopped passengers from carrying the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7, following reports of the smartphone’s batteries exploding, officials said on Sunday.
“In view of recent reports about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and the international warnings to airline passengers not to carry this smartphone during flights, PIA passengers are also strongly advised not to carry it, not even in their check-in luggage, as it may compromise aircraft and passenger safety,” said a statement issued by the airlines spokesperson.The flag carrier’s move came after some foreign airlines stopped their customers from carrying the phone with them on flights.
Samsung recalled 2.5 million phones last week after a US family’s jeep caught fire due to the explosion of the phone.
After the incident, several other customers also complained that their phone exploded during charging or answering calls.The smartphone company said battery problems led to the phones catching fire, adding that it was difficult to sort out the affected phones among the already sold ones.

The company announced that it would replace all devices that were handed in from September 19.
Launched last month, the seventh version of the Galaxy Note series was otherwise well-received by consumers and critics.

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