Android apps can secretly track your whereabouts

Android apps can secretly track your whereabouts


Android apps can be manipulated to access built-in sensors in and track your whereabouts and traffic patterns, without your knowledge or consent, a new study has warned.
Researchers from Northeastern University in the US built an Android app and tested it. Their system uses an that inserts data from the phone’s built-in sensors into graphs of the world’s roads.The researchers applied the algorithm to various simulated and real roadtrips. For each trip, the system then generated the five most likely paths taken. The results showed that there was 50 per cent chance that the actual path taken was one of the five. “For $25, anyone can put an app on Google Play, the store for Android apps. Some of them may be malicious – no one is screening them,” said Guevara Noubir, professor at Northeastern University.


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