Now, Ringing Bells looks to launch LED TV for Rs 10k

Now, Ringing Bells looks to launch LED TV for Rs 10k


Ringing Bells, the firm that promised to come up with the cheapest smartphone more than four months ago, is now preparing to launch a price competitive high definition (HD) LED television. While, its dream project – a smartphone priced at Rs 251 (less than $4) – is yet to materialise, Mohit Goel, managing director, will be unveiling the new TV and two other smartphones on Thursday.

According to sources, Ringing Bells’ Freedom HD LED TV will be priced around Rs 10,000. While the price of HD LED television sets currently start from Rs 7,000 for a 16-inch model, Goel did not specify the screen size of the TV he will be introducing. In line with the claims made earlier, he claimed the new television will create “another price revolution in Indian consumer electronics”, indicating a much cheaper price than that are presently available in the market. He declined to reveal more before the launch.

Typically, HD LED television sets that have screen sizes 32 inches or bigger sell the most in India. Less than 30 per cent of the total HD LED televisions sold in the past  year were smaller than 32 inches. Better viewing experience and compatibility of HD LED technology with 32 inches or above screen sizes is a major factor.

“While the size of their TV is unknown, a 32-inch HD LED TV cannot be sold at Rs 10,000 without making huge losses” an industry executive said. LED panels, which comprise nearly 65 per cent of the total cost of a television, are currently imported from Taiwan, China and Japan.

“The price cannot be reduced below a certain level as the panels have to be imported,” he added.

One of the two smartphones that Goel plans to unveil tomorrow is an updated version of Freedom251, with bigger screen and a more powerful battery. The second handset will be fourth-generation enabled, sources said.

While, delivery of Freedom251, the much hyped Rs 251 smartphone, is yet to initiate, the new claims from Ringing Bells management has again moved the spotlights on the company and its owners.

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